Sunday, 6 September 2015

Supreme Sandown

I may be biased but Esher in Surrey is such a beautiful place on its own but it also boasts a beautiful racecourse called Sandown. I thoroughly enjoy visiting this place and i know its one of my Paul's firm favourites, 

I saw a lot of my favourite people, Barbara, Jan to name but a few, but there were so many new favourites that are and have been for a long time Tonic aholichs.

The workshops were very busy as usual but the theme of faeries was not new to our crafters they had already gone out and bought the dies, and thoroughly love them.
So the only thing that i could say was a problem is that we couldn't fit enough people in, ladies were saying we could have done with doubling up the spaces.

A good thing was that most of them really didn't want to leave and we found ourselves planning to meet again at the next exhibition. I love my job!!!

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