Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Life on Hold

Hi, how are you, I cant believe its been since June that i have been on my blog. Sickness took hold of me in the worst way, and i have been knocked for six, i wont go in to detail, but I am now at recovery stage and feeling like i can function like a human being instead of an immobile vegetable that i have been stuck on pain killers watching life go by, and not being able to participate.

My mind is now again my own, and i am completely rebooted like a computer and i can start re-learning to do all the things that i forgot how to do, like browsing the internet, and listening to music and coloring, using the materials that have been neglected in my craft room.

Walking in there, in to my craft room was like looking at it with fresh eyes, its been three months, and i had forgot what i had in there, I have decided it needs a clear out but to do that i must be ruthless and think of the things that i love playing with, and those things that i have not touched in a while.
I had gathered a lot of products with projects in mind, and i hope to start some in the next couple of days and i would like to journal the projects, so that i have a diary of everything i do failures as well.

I have looked back on past posts and realized that i could use my blog for so much more than craft, i have so many other passions my job being one of them and i have missed it, but  i can keep up to date with the new release of Autumn winter clothing at Simply Be I love the staff at Meadow-hall and the atmosphere of the shop its large and stunning and fresh and we have Jacomo upstairs, SHOPPING FOR GUYS IS SO MUCH EASIER THAN SHOPPING FOR WOMEN, why because they dont shop often enough so they dont get a chance to get bored of what they see and they are always surprised at how they can achieve a cool and trendy look. I love to see their faces light up, and that also goes for women who dont shop regular enough, they lack the confidence to rock what ever they like, if you like it wear it, tha'ts,  that.

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