Monday, 8 February 2016

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Hi all, I hope you are all doing well this is the first time on my day off that i have decided to Blog. Im sad that i have left it so long. I do enjoy it, but when work takes over and you put your all i to it things get left behind, i hate when that happens and at the moment Im  starting to weigh up whats most important to me.
I do love my work so i want to make sure that the transition in to redundancy is as smooth as possible and that looking for alternative employment is as easy as i can make it.
Looking for work is not hard there is a lot out there, it depends on if you are going to change what it is you need to be earning to break even at the end of the month.

So i figured if i get a chance to make and create i should share it with you and be thankful that i have crafting to stop me from going in to meltdown as i feel that at my age i shouldn't have to be looking for work i should be settled, crafting is the only consistent thing in my life besides family, and i dont take it for granted, I had a lot of Pictures that i took on my phone and i dont know whether i have blogged them already so i have had to go through all my posts to see what i had done.

The walk to work on Sunday was particularly nice, as it gives me chance to think about what my plans are and how i am going to pick myself up and dust myself off once again, so please excuse me if there is a long delay before i blog again as repairs to my life are taking longer to heal than when i was younger.

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