Thursday, 27 August 2015

Our craft Community

It came to my attention today that I am not a lone crafter, that there are many crafters out there who do craft alone and are unaware of other crafters within they're community.

We are, or should be obliged to reach out in our own communities and introduce ourselves, and what we do, to engage people, and to give them the creative inspiration to try something new.

As a crafter, i have been in the privileged position to be able to carry stampin’ ups mission statement, To inspire people, to help them to create some thing new and to share what we know, this has led to me meeting some wonderful people, from all over the country, from Glasgow to Somerset and many other places.

I have a passion to make people happy doing what they love best, and showing them that there is a lot of crafters out there who may go home and craft alone but they go home with the realisation that crafting is a global, international and nationwide passion that we all share, so i have been doing some soul searching, and have been looking at my very first projects that i ever made. Remnants of left over craft sales that have stayed with me because i have been to embarrassed to

consider re-selling as i had moved on from them, and have improved on my skills but that is exactly why i needed to re-connect with what i initially wanted to do those years ago, and that was to share what i know, and to share the passion, and the creativity that i have to make people happy and that still stands today.

So i would like to introduce myself, my name is Sharon Cuffy and i am a crafter, just like you, and this is what i like to do, would you like to have a go.hello1

If you do i would like to start some workshops in my local area promoting the idea of making your Christmas a handmade Christmas, and I'm here to help you create something beautiful to gift at a special time of year. Do you want to join in well you can you just have to register your interest, date and times to follow in the coming weeks. When we have enough people we can get together and craft together not alone.

Thanks for stopping by xx

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