Thursday, 7 May 2015

Hoo doo anyone


The theme for my work is based on voo doo or the use of it to bring about change in someone's life, in the good old days it was called hexing some one, but there is a lot of phycology linked with it and the state of mind of the person who thinks they are jinxed.


What I'm looking in to is the use of images to give a physical embodiment to what we call spirit energies or as the American Indians called totems or effigies.

Voo doo is one of the practices that was used by Africans, Caribbean's, pagans and wiccans alike it uses the power of thought giving life to peoples desires and wishes done purely for gain, such as love, money and power over a person or persons

IMG_0633Don't worry he doesn't bite he is just an example of what a voo doo priest would look like and these priests are usually given names such as Papa daylight or Papa Doc the name of the Haitian president of the 60’s who had power over his people and used it to gain himself power and money, and it worked for a while as well. But it is not to be tampered with because what you put out you get back three times three is the wiccan rule.

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